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Weathering the Storm: How Real Estate Videos Can Safeguard You in a Downturn

The winds of the housing market can shift abruptly, sending shivers down the spines of even the most seasoned real estate professionals. And unfortunately, some analysts predict a downturn in real estate for 2024.

While reality can often buck those predictions (like the financial downturn predicted for 2023), we’re here to tell you that in any market situation, the best way to safeguard your business is to add more value to what you already do.

And for realtors, and easy way to do this would be to add video to your marketing mix. Whether you're already making a few listing videos, or you're just mustering the courage to put your face in front of a camera, we're going to show you why video can become an easy way to stand out in any kind of market.

Why Video Shines When Markets Dim

When listings pile up, standing out is more important than ever. In a sea of thumbnails, video–with its immersive experience and emotional storytelling–instantly grabs attention and sparks interest in your properties.

Not only are we drawn to the moving picture and the immersive experience it creates, but we, as humans, are more likely to relate to the mood and emotions carried through a moving camera rather than a static (often over-edit) shot.

The music, the lighting, and the atmosphere all shine through when video tells the story of a property. Here are some of its key values over stills:

  • Engaging a Broader Audience: Video transcends geographical boundaries, reaching out to buyers beyond your immediate market. This opens doors to potential investors or remote individuals seeking a second home, even in a local downturn.

  • Highlighting Value with Precision: In a buyer's market, value becomes king. Video allows you to meticulously showcase the unique selling points of your listings, from hidden gems to stunning renovations, ensuring every feature lands a punch.

  • Building Trust and Transparency: Video opens a window into the true essence of a property. Viewers get a virtual tour, fostering trust and transparency that text descriptions simply cannot match. This builds confidence and encourages buyers to take the next step.

  • Marketing With Cost in Mind: Video can be surprisingly cost-effective compared to traditional print or in-person marketing. With careful planning and execution, you can create high-quality content that stretches your budget further, maximizing your outreach without breaking the bank.

Video Strategies for Navigating Downturns

So, now that we understand how video can be a value-add for your realty business, let's talk about a few strategic ways you can use video to your advantage.

Showcase Virtual Tours

This is the simplest suggestion and the first form of content realtors turn to when making videos–but the surprising thing is that most of them still don’t do it! By making your video tours readily available online and easily accessible for potential buyers, you allow them to explore the property at their own pace, fostering interest and engagement. The result? More pre-qualified leads with a genuine interest in the property.

Focus on Emotional Connection

Video shines in its ability to make an emotional connection–something any realtor knows is needed for the sale. If your clients can picture themselves living their best life in a space, they’re much more likely to buy in. Use video as a chance to go beyond aesthetics and highlight the property's warmth, comfort, and potential. Create videos that evoke a sense of "home," even in a challenging market.

Emphasize Value Propositions

Showcase features that cater to buyer needs in a downturn, like affordability, energy efficiency, or low maintenance. Does the house feature rainwater harvesting or a solar roof? Was it recently renovated to save the next buyers the headache of old pipes and wiring? Tailor your messaging to resonate with the current market sentiment and build trust in reliable features.

Get Creative with Social Media

Leverage platforms like Instagram and TikTok with short, engaging video snippets or live virtual open houses. You can repurpose videos on different platforms or cut them up and replay highlights to call attention to certain features while posting more consistently. A little planning will help you reach a wider audience and generate buzz for your listings.

Offer Video Testimonials

Feature satisfied clients sharing their positive experiences with your services. This builds trust and credibility, especially when market confidence is shaky.

By embracing video with strategic intent, you can transform it from a mere marketing tool into a powerful defensive shield against potential downturns. It allows you to connect with buyers on a deeper level, highlight the true value of your listings, and stand out in a crowded market.

Remember, while market uncertainties may loom, real estate video empowers you to remain proactive, engage your audience, and ultimately weather any storm with confidence and success.


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